Create Altar

We invite everyone to create an altar and/or contribute to a collective altar, to commemorate, celebrate, and honor the multitude of struggles being waged by women, trans and non-binary folks, and feminists around the world. Altars can be…

– A place to remember past comrades to honor their work.

– A dedication to the memory of the lives of the dead, their struggle lives in us.

– A celebration of victories and joys.

Altars can be made up of images, objects, words, invocations, poems, etc., names and photos…

One file only. 2 MB limit. Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Click the circle button in the top-right (if there's not already a marker), then add/move the marker to where your altar should show up on the map. Or leave blank if you want.
Name of group or collective, Individual name or initials, pseudonym, etc.
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